Blue Yellow Pages (Last Names beginning with E/)

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SELECT LastName, FirstName, HousesAndDetails, YearFrom, YearTo, DisplayYears, Description, LinkAddress1, LinkDescription1, LinkTitle1, LinkAddress2, LinkDescription2, LinkTitle2, LinkAddress3, LinkDescription3, LinkTitle3, LinkAddress4, LinkDescription4, LinkTitle4, LinkAddress5, LinkDescription5, LinkTitle5, LinkAddress6, LinkDescription6, LinkTitle6, LinkAddress7, LinkDescription7, LinkTitle7, LinkAddress8, LinkDescription8, LinkTitle8, LinkAddress9, LinkDescription9, LinkTitle9, LinkAddress10, LinkDescription10, LinkTitle10, SectionSecondary, Id, WhereAreTheyNow FROM OBInfo Where LastName<>'' and SectionPrimary = 'E/' order by LastName, FirstName
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